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Vegan Paradise front cover
Vegan Paradise back cover

Mr. Hip, vegan hip hop poet, released his MP3 Vegan Paradise featuring my artwork on front and back cover. Thank you Mr. Hip—world's most handsome vegan. I'm so happy to have Bubble Series Separate Not Equal and Insatiable used in such a perfect way!!

Click here for MP3.

Beasts of Burden Exhibition

I curate and join 20 artists of the traveling and evolving exhibition BEASTSOFBURDEN.

See the artists of the upcoming BEASTSOFBURDEN Exhibition.

Highlights from <cite>Beasts of Burden</cite> Exhibit and Multimedia Presentation

Highlights from Beasts of Burden Exhibit and Multimedia Presentation, Oct 2017


Singer songwriter Joy Askew and poet Gretchen Primack joined me for my presentation Reflections on Beasts of Burden at the Compassion Arts and Culture & Animals Festival, Symphony Space, NYC. It included my artwork and the artwork of the artists of BEASTSOFBURDEN.


Beasts of Burden Book

My book on the Beasts of Burden artists and how the exhibit came to be Beasts of Burden—Our Complex Relationship With Animals is available now for $20.

20% of all proceeds goes to Culture & Animals Foundation for their grant program.

Radio Interview

Listen to Jane's interview on Talking Animals on NPR affiliate WMNF in Tampa, Florida.

Talking Animals website