My paintings are a direct result of both my fascination and concern for animals. Here’s my take on today’s human-animal bond.

My love of art and animals has led to many projects that include the BEASTSOFBURDEN artists.
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Jane on the MikeyPod Podcast
(Posted: 03/19/2018)

Listen to Jane talk with Michael Harren.

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Jane on the Radio with Duncan Strauss of Talking Animals
(Posted: 02/26/2018)

Listen to Jane's interview on Talking Animals with Duncan Strauss

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Selected as finalist for ANIMA <> ANIMUS <> ANIMAL for the online gallery Art Scene Today
(Posted: 03/05/2018)
Jane was selected as a finalist for ANIMA <> ANIMUS <> ANIMAL -- an exploration of the complex connections between humans and animals -- for the online gallery Art Scene Today.

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Beasts of Burden Book
(Posted: 11/06/2017)

My book on the Beasts of Burden artists and how the exhibit came to be is now available.

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