My paintings are a direct result of both my fascination and concern for animals. Here’s my take on today’s human-animal bond.

My love of art and animals has led to many projects that include the BEASTSOFBURDEN artists.
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Meet Jane O'Hara
(Posted: 06/20/2022)

Jane was recently interviewed by CanvasRebel

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New Work at William Scott Gallery
(Posted: 04/18/2022)

Provincetown, MA
Group Show
Opening reception Fri May 27, 2022  7-9pm

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"State of the Union" Series Featured on Jane Unchained
(Posted: 08/11/2021)

So happy to be included by the most excellent Jane UnChained!

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The Courage and Consciousness of Jane O’Hara
(Posted: 08/01/2021)

Animal Culture Magazine
July, 2021

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The Arts for Animals: A Panel Discussion with Compassion Arts
(Posted: 07/31/2021)

Panel members spoke about their individual journeys as artists, vegans, and advocates, sharing how they came to use the arts as an instrument for raising awareness about animals and for creating positive change.

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Compassion Speaks: Women Artists for Animals
(Posted: 03/21/2020)

Janell O’Rourke joined me in reflecting on animals in our artwork, and through the lens of other women in the visual arts, and the influence photographer and animal advocate Jo-Anne McArthur has with her powerful photography for animals.

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Four New States of State of the Union Series Completed
(Posted: 02/25/2020)

Four states of State of the Union series completed at RAREAir residency and exhibited in Adams State University’s Hatfield Gallery  in Alamosa Colorado. 

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