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Meet Jane O'Hara

(Posted: 06/20/2022)
Jane CanvasRebel

Jane was recently interviewed by CanvasRebel. 

Big thanks to CanvasRebel Magazine for this nice article!

Read article

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New Work at William Scott Gallery

(Posted: 04/18/2022)

William Scott Gallery
Provincetown, MA
Group Show
Opening reception Fri May 27, 2022  7-9pm

Happy the Elephant

Happy  6”x6” acrylic on wood

Click here for map.

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"State of the Union" Series Featured on Jane Unchained

(Posted: 08/11/2021)

So happy to be included by the most excellent Jane UnChained!

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The Courage and Consciousness of Jane O’Hara

(Posted: 08/01/2021)

Animal Culture Magazine
July, 2021

Become a patron and see this issue archived, and so many incredible issues of Animal Culture Magazine.

Animal Culture Magazine The Courage and Consciousness of Jane O'Hara

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The Arts for Animals: A Panel Discussion with Compassion Arts

(Posted: 07/31/2021)

On July 31, 2021, panel members spoke about their individual journeys as artists, vegans, and advocates, sharing how they came to use the arts as an instrument for raising awareness about animals and for creating positive change. Alfee West as the panel moderator, and I joined panelists Allison Argo, Michael Harren, Joanne Kong, and Donald Vincent (aka Mr. Hip).

You can see recording here. My segment is from 54:55 for 10 minutes and Q & A at the end.

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Compassion Speaks: Women Artists for Animals

(Posted: 03/21/2020)
The Last Picture

The Last Picture

Mejia Magic

Mejia Magic

Janell O’Rourke joined me in reflecting on animals in our artwork, and through the lens of other women in the visual arts, and the influence photographer and animal advocate Jo-Anne McArthur has with her powerful photography for animals.

Carolyn Merino-Mullin, The Animal Museum founder, gallery & exhibit curator, emceed this event.

Jo-Anne McArthur, the 2019 Compassion Arts’ Artists for Ahimsa honoree, was presented our award/painting The Last Picture.

Cyrus Mejia, visual artist, co-founder of Best Friends Animal Society and Ravens Heart Gallery, received the Ahimsa award painting Mejia Magic for 2020.

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Four New States of State of the Union Series Completed

(Posted: 02/25/2020)

Four states of State of the Union series completed at RAREAir residency and exhibited in Adams State University’s Hatfield Gallery  in Alamosa Colorado

View State of the Union artwork

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Exhibition at William Scott Gallery

(Posted: 06/10/2019)

Exciting News! I will be showing a group of new paintings this summer at William Scott Gallery in Provincetown, MA 

Exhibition: July 19 - August 1, 2019

Ptown. Art. Summer. What could be better!

Click here for map.

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Rare A.I.R. Artist-in-residence

(Posted: 05/02/2019)


This coming January I am excited to be a part of Adams State University’s Rare A.I.R. artist-in-residence program in Colorado. I was accepted to work on my State of the Union series, which at this point consists of my first painting Florida.

The project will eventually have paintings of all of the states with the positive images we associate with that state- state flag, state animal, slogan, and their attractions, and in bubbles, some of the shameful things that go on with the animals of that state.

I look forward to almost three weeks of uninterrupted painting in the provided studio space, with support and sharing with the faculty and students there.

Adams State University logo

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Oars and Paddles Exhibition

(Posted: 03/09/2019)

"Cat Tales" for Westport River Watershed Alliance benefit

Dedee Shattuck Gallery
Westport, MA 
Feb 29- March 9, 2019

Cat Tales paddle

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(Posted: 01/16/2019)

I’m so excited to be a part of this awesome group at RESCUECON! I’ll be talking about my increasing love affair with animals—through my paintings!

I’d love to see you if you're nearby Feb 23 + 24, 2019 in Oxnard, CA—just north of LA.

Here are the presenters.

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New Bedford Art Museum "Who Saved Who?"

(Posted: 12/05/2018)

I'm thrilled to be a part of the 20 artists' looking at our relationship with our animal companions!

Opening reception: December 14, 2018 6-8pm 
Nov 30- March 3, 2019

New Bedford Art Museum (NBAM)
608 Pleasant St
New Bedford, MA 02740


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South Coast Artists

(Posted: 12/05/2018)

Pop-up show during Padanaram Christmas Weekend Festival. Many artworks for sale under 14" x 14".

Dec 7-9, 2018
Opening reception: Dec 7, 2018, 5-8pm

404 Elm St
S. Darmouth, MA


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Mr. Hip Vegan Hip Hop Poet Released New MP3

(Posted: 12/05/2018)

New MP3 Vegan Paradise features my artwork on front and back cover.

Thank you Mr Hip-- worlds most handsome vegan. So happy to have Bubble Series Separate Not Equal, and Insatiable used in such a perfect way!!

Available MP3

View more about Mr. Hip's Vegan Paradise.

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Boston Veg Food Fest 2018

(Posted: 10/23/2018)

I was happy to present my artwork and story for the series You Art What You Eat at the Boston Veg Food Fest as part of the Compassion Arts Festival. Other presenters included composer and performer Michael Harren and poet, musician and performer Donald Vincent aka Mr. Hip.

View more information about the Boston Veg Food Fest.

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The Last Pig 2018

(Posted: 10/23/2018)

I was honored to emcee the screening of The Last Pig at the Kendall Square Cinema in Boston. After the screening, Compassion Arts presented the first Compassion Arts Award—my painting, A New Dawn, inspired by the film—to Allison Argo, the director of the film.

View more about The Last Pig.

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Boston Voyager Interview

(Posted: 09/17/2018)

Read the Boston Voyager article "Meet Jane O'Hara."

Click here to read the article.

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Jane on the MikeyPod Podcast

(Posted: 03/19/2018)
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Selected as finalist for ANIMA <> ANIMUS <> ANIMAL for the online gallery Art Scene Today

(Posted: 03/05/2018)

Jane was selected as a finalist in the Fall 2017 competition ANIMA <> ANIMUS <> ANIMAL -- an exploration of the complex connections between humans and animals -- for the online gallery Art Scene Today.

Go to ANIMA <> ANIMUS <> ANIMAL website

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Jane on the Radio with Duncan Strauss of Talking Animals

(Posted: 02/26/2018)

Listen to Jane's interview on Talking Animals with Duncan Strauss on NPR affiliate WMNF in Tampa, Florida.

Talking Animals website

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Beasts of Burden Book

(Posted: 11/06/2017)

My book on the Beasts of Burden artists and how the exhibit came to be, called Beasts of Burden—Our Complex Relationship With Animals, is now available for $20.

Click here for more information and to purchase the book.

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Beasts of Burden in NYC

(Posted: 08/03/2017)

O’Hara Projects presents a pop-up exhibit of Beasts of Burden. Opening reception Friday Oct 20 5-8pm and show open through Sunday. 208 E 73rd (3rd Ave at TUF Gallery) NYC

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Presentation at Festival in NYC

(Posted: 08/03/2017)

Compassion Arts and Culture & Animals Foundation have invited me to present about my art and the artists of my exhibit Beasts of Burden for the Festival that weekend. I have a song, video, spoken word and art presentation planned with some great help.

Tickets on sale now.

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New England Dream House Interview with Jane O'Hara

(Posted: 01/13/2013)

Jenny Johnson of New England Dream House interviews artist Jane O'Hara about her work painting animal portraits.