Compassion Arts and Culture & Animals Festival

Saturday night October 21st at the Leonard Nimoy Theatre at Symphony Space in NYC was a great time!

The fantastic musician Joy Askew and deeply moving poet Gretchen Primack joined me for my presentation Reflections on Beasts of Burden at the Compassion Arts and Culture & Animals Festival. I presented my artwork, and then the artwork of the 14 artists of Beasts of Burden with slides and video.

Highlights from <cite>Beasts of Burden</cite> Exhibit and Multimedia Presentation

Highlights from Beasts of Burden Exhibit and Multimedia Presentation

Past Presentations

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PACE University

Animals and Culture in Art

Jane O'Hara's slide presentation of artwork with musician Joy Askew and poet Gretchen Primack for Compassion Arts, Earth Month at PACE

April 13th 9am-10:30am
Pace University
Kessel Campus Center
Butcher Suite
861 Bedford Rd
Pleasantville, NY

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Worcester Art Museum

Talking about painting

Here I'm talking about my painting Nothin for You Here

Animals and Nature in Art
Presentation of my work October 21, 2015
Opening event for Compassion Arts Festival

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Courage of Conscience Award

Courage of Conscience Award

The Peace Abbey, an interfaith organization committed to the study and practice of nonviolence, honors individuals and organizations that have distinguished themselves through humanitarian causes and peace and social justice activism. The 2015 Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Awards will be presented in Duxbury, MA this year. Awards were given in the areas of social activism, the environment, spirituality and the arts. The ceremony took place at the First Parish Church in Duxbury April 11, 2015.

“Jane O’Hara's painted screen Sacrifice, blends the plight of animals, mindless consumerism and Western religious thought as it attires its subjects with liturgical vestments adorned with corporate logos. The painting acts as a prism which poses the existential question of whether a visit to a fast-food restaurant or circus, or purchasing items tested on animals is tantamount to a betrayal of our most sacred, biblically rooted obligation to be good stewards of the Earth and all its creatures. O'Hara's Sacrifice upholds this unholy alliance as sacred by virtue of the questions it invariably asks. Sacrifice holds a unique place in the annals of thought-provoking, contemporary art.”

Lewis M. Randa, Founder/Director, The Life Experience School and The Peace Abbey Foundation