Jane O’Hara


Are you ready to have a Jane O'Hara painting of your animal companion?

Great! I love animals and with conversation, emails, photos and if possible, a meeting, I can get to know your animal friend and share my ideas to capture their personality in a painting.

Please take a look at my animal portraits or people portraits to see the many paintings I have done and some of the previous commissions I have completed. As you'll see, I approach each painting in a unique way. These ideas are arrived at by getting from you and your animal those personality qualities that characterize them best.

To Get Started:

  1. Contact me or call: 617-921-7917.
  2. We'll talk and arrange a meeting if possible, where I can get from you your favorite pictures, and I can take new ones. Sometimes it is not possible to meet your animal due to distance, your animal has passed away, or it will be a surprise gift. In this case photos and communication will help to inform me how best to proceed with your portrait (all photos will be returned when portrait is complete).
  3. The concept of your portrait — you may want a straightforward portrait, or you may be interested to let me come up with some ideas. Some clients have wanted to be surprised, while some want to be more involved in the decision making process with ideas for color, pose, surfaces. This can be arrived at through communication.

    When you supply me with photos you may let me know that you love the way his ears are here, or the way her head is cocked there. The more reference material, the better. Good light in photos is important, especially if I cannot meet your animal friend.

  4. What size do you want? This can be something you are quite sure of, or after step (3) I can suggest some ideas I have where size, multiple panels, or shape may play a part.
  5. A 50% deposit is required to start the portrait, payable with paypal or check. My pricelist may be used as a guideline, but prices will vary. Some portraits may be painted as a triptych, using unusual shapes, or intricate backdrops. Price will be agreed upon before beginning.

    When ready, if you would like to send a deposit using PayPal, click the "Buy Now" button below.

  6. Timing — let me know when you would like it completed, and I will try to accommodate. Generally a couple of months lead time is desirable.
  7. When your painting is complete, I will email a picture, and when you are happy with the painting, I will deliver or it will be sent to you.

Price Range

These prices are general guidelines. An exact price will be given after the details are determined.

Size Price
6" x 6" $600
8" x 10" $900
12" x 12" $1400
16" x 20" $1800
24" x 30" $2800
36" x 48" $5500