Jane O’Hara


“O’Hara subverts conventional approaches to art based on animals… She creates a distinctive sort of animal portrait by combining realistic and vaguely surreal elements. Her subjects look anatomically correct but subtly convey feelings of foreboding, vulnerability and solitude.”
- Chris Bergeron of the MetroWest Daily News

The animal condition poses a duality which I find both disturbing and intriguing—our insensitivity to animals raised in captivity and treated inhumanely, versus the casting of human traits upon pampered pets. In my paintings I create a stage for the animals' situation, often an unnatural setting to point out people's tendency to impose their own agenda. My goal is to initially draw the viewer into these fabricated worlds with levity and beauty, then challenge them with complexity as animals speak from a place of honesty about their state and the relationship of human beings to it.

The Vision